Supporters of Emily Vincent, who was illegally demoted as a full member of the Berne planning board to alternate status, have donated more than $5,000 to a GoFundMe page dedicated to her just one day into its existence. She plans to use that money to fund her brain surgery, as well as take legal action against the town.

RENSSELAERVILLE — The Carey Institute’s Sustainable Communities Program has been granted $62,080 from the United States Department of Agriculture to offer technical assistance to breweries and other craft-beverage producers in rural communities across the state.

Shepherdess Emily Vincent is enthused about hosting visitors to Two Rock Ranch for Family Farm Day on Sept. 8.

“I’ve been privileged to do a lot of things,” said Pauline Williman. “This is paying back … the Lord told us to feed his people. I’ve had many blessings; I’ll try to feed people in return.”

Judge Ryan Fedele said that raising rabbits can let kids who live in cities or suburbs have a chance to tend to animals.

ALTAMONT — The 2019 Altamont Fair, which runs from Aug. 13 to 18, will work with the South End Children’s Café to help children from Albany come to the fair and learn about agriculture.

Unless local governments can demonstrate raising pigs is a threat to public health and safety, farms in an agricultural district are protected under state law from unreasonable regulations, a state official said.

In previous years, Indian Ladder Farms has shipped around 300 bushels, or 1,200 pounds, of apples to local schools. This year, the amount will increase seven or eight times over.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo staff said that one way the community can support the Farm to School program is for parents to complete the free or reduced-price school meals application. If 40 percent of BKW students qualify for free meals, the district would be able to serve free meals to all of its students.

This year’s Agriculture Fair at Berne-Knox-Westerlo included a menagerie of animals, many of whom were brought by BKW students.


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