We feel blessed to have seen the people we helped ride horses come to life

To the Editor:

We’re giving thanks for horses and some very special people.

Recently, Victoria Acres Equine Facility in Altamont at 3771 Western Turnpike teamed up with Schenectady ARC to serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the use of equine assisted activities.

The results have been more than anyone could have imagined. [The Enterprise story about the program is online at www.AltamontEnterprise.com.]

One parent wrote: “The staff and volunteers were both knowledgeable and helpful… My son was excited to go each week ... He developed a special bond with the horse, Barnaby… It gave him such a great feeling of pride and accomplishment … Tears were in both my husband’s and my eyes.”

The staff and tireless volunteers at Victoria Acres came away feeling so blessed to have been a part of this process, to see the people we were serving come to life and find strengths within themselves.

We are in the process of fund-raising so we can offer more programs.  We are finding quickly that a need exists as more people call to ask how they can sign up. We would love to get the word out and are dedicated to meeting the need in our community.

Erin Pashley, Executive Director
Victoria Acres Equine Facility

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