Director of Senior Services retires

The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Cindy Wadach, Guilderland’s coordinator of Senior Services, helps Trannie Mae Dubose explore the programs the department will hold in November. Wadach plans to retire this week after more than a dozen years on the job.

GUILDERLAND — After more than 12 years as the town’s coordinator of Senior Services, Cynthia Wadach is retiring this week. Her last day is Oct. 31.
“It’s exciting, but daunting,” said Wadach. “I really do love my job, but free time would be nice, too.”

Wadach said she loves her job so much because she feels like she is truly helping people.

The Department of Senior Services provides free transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping, mall shopping, and other appointments. It provides information on programs available to seniors outside of the town, such as Medicare and Medicaid. It also holds a weekly luncheon, an exercise program, and a game of bridge.

Wadach will be replaced by her assistant, Mary Anne Kelley.

“My very favorite part of the job is talking to the seniors and learning about them,” Wadach said. “It makes me feel good that I can help someone, and they are truly thankful.”

When she started the job, in 2001, the department consisted of three full-time employees and one part-time employee, but for financial reasons, it had to be reduced to herself and one part-time person. Wadach said that, without skipping a beat, the department was able to streamline, and still provide the same services, and she is proud of that.

It has been during her administration that plans have been made for a new senior center, housed in a senior residential development, slated to open next year, where the town will be able to provide even more services.

“We are like The Little Engine That Could,” she said, of her department.

She is also very proud that she was appointed as a marriage officer for the town, and presided over the first same-sex marriage in Guilderland. She called it a highlight of her career.

Though she has loved the job, and made lifelong friends through it, Wadach said she is ready to retire – both financially, and because she has a lot she wants to do.

“I’m leaving a paying job to work for free,” she joked.

Wadach said she plans to volunteer, particularly with Community Caregivers, as she strongly believes in its mission to help the elderly and ailing remain in their homes.

She also wants to join a book club, and get more exercise.

“I want to volunteer for my heart, read for my mind, and exercise for my body,” she said.

“I will miss everyone,” she said. “This is bittersweet.”

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