Daniel John Schaible


“Have we told you of our family pride?

            The loving one with blue, blue, eyes.

The one who can sing the birds to shame.

            The one who makes life fun and games.

His ready smile makes life more fun.

            His soul is blessed — a spirited one.

There's almost nothing he won't do

            to lend a hand and help you through.

He's full of hell and makes you smile,

            yet, all the while —

He's reaching out a work-worn hand,

            asking you to understand.

He has his needs, like you and I.

            He's our very special guy — our Dan.” 

            — Written by Mrs. Marian Schaible of her son in 1984.


Daniel John Schaible was known for being easygoing, helpful and hard-working, admired by friends for his compulsion to always lend a hand and his punchy sense of humor, which often spared no person or taboo subject in provoking a good laugh.

“He was one of the most charismatic persons I’ve met in my life. He just drew people in like a magnet,” said Mr. Schaible’s sister, Jill Wooten of Colorado.

Living closer to family and under their care in his final years as he struggled with cancer, Mr. Schaible died on Monday, May 13, 2013, in Grand Junction, Colo. surrounded by those he loved. He was 70.

He was, until his final years, a life-long resident of the New Scotland area, growing up with his parents in Voorheesville.

He attended Clarksville and Voorheesville elementary schools and graduated from Bethlehem Central High School.

In a tribute, his family wrote, “He now beholds his Lord’s face in all His radiant glory, no longer a child of two worlds except in the hearts of we who remain.”

The oldest of four siblings —three boys and a girl — Mr. Schaible was born during World War II, on Jan. 12, 1943. Neither he nor his mother, Marian Schaible, would see his father, Benjamin Schaible until after the war had ended.

“The first time he met his father, he was 3,” said Ms. Wooten.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Mr. Schaible join the United State Navy and was honorably discharged just before the Vietnam War began, serving aboard the USS Enterprise.

While in the Navy, Mr. Schaible learned skills he would use all his life, becoming an electrician’s mate. After the service, he became a qualified master electrician, finding he had a talent for the work.  He was employed as a private contractor to do the wiring for large-scale commercial projects and buildings. He even ran his own business for a time, said his sister.

She said her brother would be most remembered for always lending a helping hand to those in need of a fix or repair. He was the kind of person who would stop along the road and get astranger’s car working again, his sister said, and he was the one to call if a relative needed help. 

“He was a master electrician and worked a lot, but his real passion was for people,” said Ms. Wooten.

Whenever her brother wasn’t out socializing for fun, he was socializing with the people he helped and worked with, Ms. Wooten said.

“He was very funny — sort of the most irreverent and profane individual, with a great sense of humor,” she said. “He was a bubble of joy.”


Daniel John Schaible’s family is in search of those wanting to share their memories of Mr. Schaible. They are asking for notes and memories to be sent to Wooten/Schaible, at 623 Broken Spoke Road, Grand Junction, CO, 81504; or to Danielle Knapp at 17 Elmore Robinson Road, Mechanicville, NY  12118.

He is survived by his children, Danielle Knapp, and her husband, Greg, of Mechanicville, N.Y., Rachel and Tristyn Schaible, of High Point, N.C.; his grandchild, Cody Knapp, of Mechanicville, N.Y.; his siblings, Timothy Schaible, and his wife, Deb, of Petaluma, Calif.; Jill Wooten, and her husband, Jim, of Grand Junction, Colo., and C. Scott Schaible, also of Grand Junction, Colo.; as well as many cousins, an aunt, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, and sisters-in-law.

His parents, Benjamin and Marian Schaible, who had lived in Voorheesville, died before him.

A private service was held at Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Grand Junction, Colo. 

— Tyler Murphy


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