GUILDERLAND — Results are now in for the lead testing of the Guilderland High School water outlets, and 171 of them have lead above the action level of 15 parts per billion.

ALTAMONT — The holiday season isn’t merry for everyone. Celebrating Christmas can be difficult for those who are coping with traumatic events such as the death of someone they loved, divorce or separation, the loss of a job, or chronic health problems.

GUILDERLAND CENTER — Guilderland Center Rehabilitation and Extended Care Facility, a 127-bed nursing facility that provides rehabilitation and nursing services to patients who require either short- or long-term nursing care following hospitalization, will soon have a new name and brand.


St. John’s Church in Altamont got its new carillon system Tuesday.

The online purchase of a set of photos of his old aircraft carrier brings a surprise for a Guilderland man.

“There is clearly a copycat effect,” says a report on bomb threats by the Educator’s School Safety Network. Over the years at Guilderland, school leaders have had different responses to the threats.

Why volunteer?

Joel Edwards says it’s a way to put his faith in action.

A day after Guilderland High School was locked down because of a second bomb threat inside of a week, Guilderland Police arrested two students on felony charges.

Far fewer police were called to the scene one week ago when an email bomb threat came in to an administrator’s email from a student’s school account. 




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