Photo: Act of kindness

— Photo from Albany County District Attorney’s website

Alexander Pepicelli, right, a freshman at Berne-Knox-Westerlo, is a finalist in the Words: Acts of Kindness campaign because he volunteers to help his classmate, Alyssa Gaige, left, at school. The anti-bullying campaign — with the slogan, words can hurt or words can heal — is run by the Albany County District Attorney David Soares. Supporters can vote through Feb. 6 at the district attorney’s website; the winner will receive an Apple Technology Suite including Dre Beats Headphones. Pepicelli is competing against a sixth-grader from Bethlehem Middle School, William Connors who is delivering goods to a shelter for homeless women; a fifth-grader from New Scotland Elementary School, Starr Rodriguez, who helps at the Boys and Girls Club; and a fifth-grader at the Montessori Magnet School, Logan Lieman in Albany who gave her money to a friend after she saw him lose money at a vending machine.