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The Enterprise — Michael Koff

Presidents chat: Erin McNamara, left, Guilderland Teachers’ Association president, talks with Karen Magee, center, president of New York State United Teachers — with which the GTA is affiliated — and with high-school physical-education teacher Allison Relyea and her daughter, Cadence, age 6. Magee was guest speaker at the GTA’s Sept. 8 welcome-back barbecue, and took the opportunity to stump for Hillary Clinton, who Magee said she was supporting because of Clinton’s “views on education and women.” She urged the teachers present to consider the future of the Supreme Court, and mused that even just one more conservative judge on the court would have meant a different outcome for a recent case involving a teachers’ union in California, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association et al. “At the very least,” she said, she hoped that teachers would register to vote; she said she is always amazed by the number of teachers in the union who are not registered.