He was a senior “with multiple underlying medical issues,” Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy said in a release; he died at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany.

The daily ridership of the CDTA has dropped by as much as 75 percent recently. 

Stephen Giordano, director of Albany County’s department of mental health, made several suggestions for managing stress in the time of coronavirus. “Exercise heals us emotionally,” he said. “Sleep is critical for the immune system. So is eating.”

“Wake up. Stop being selfish,” Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy urged residents on Wednesday as cases of COVID-19 soar downstate and people continue to leave their homes here and gather.

Marie Wiles, Guilderland superintendent

“Depending on how things evolve and if it is needed, we can be available, if all the planets align,” said a spokesman for The Grand, referring to its 17 facilities across New York State that might house overflow patients from hospitals in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers and administrators had very little time to prepare for the weeks-long closings of their schools but have been pleasantly surprised with how teaching online has gone so far. 

Mary Jo LaPosta

“There are still people that feel we are overreacting,” said Steven Hanks, chief clinical officer of St. Peter’s Health Partners. “We are in support of the governor’s increase of at least 50 percent.”

“The work of cemeteries is considered an essential business,” said funeral director John Gulino. “The graves will be dug; people will be buried. It’s not going to get like Italy.”


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