Policies and Procedures

The Altamont Enterprise and Albany County Post is published in print every Thursday all year long.

The office is located at 120 Maple Avenue in Altamont, New York, and is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For a list of contacts, click here.

The postal address is: Post Office Box 654, Altamont, NY 12009.

Information may be mailed to the office, brought in person or e-mailed.

All news copy, obituaries, and letters should be e-mailed to the editor.

Ads should be e-mailed to [email protected].

Legal notices should be sent to [email protected].

Classified ads should be sent to [email protected].

Other information should be sent to [email protected].

For e-mail addresses of individual staff members, turn to the staff directory.

Deadlines: Community Calendar items must be received by Monday at noon for Thursday publication. Correspondents’ and columnists’ copy must also be received by noon on Monday.

The deadline for all other copy, including news releases and letters, is Tuesday at noon.

Corrections: The Enterprise will correct errors and clarify misunderstandings in news stories when brought to the attention of the editor, Melissa Hale-Spencer; call 518-861-5005.

Viewpoints expressed by staff members, contributing writers, and correspondents do not necessarily reflect those of the ownership of The Enterprise.

Questions and comments concerning the content of the newspaper or website should be directed to the editor by calling 518-861-5005 or written in the form of a letter to the editor.

Letters to the Editor: The Enterprise opinion pages are an open forum for our community. We encourage readers to express their thoughts about issues that appear in the newspaper or online or that affect the community. Letters should be brief, with an outside limit of 1,000 words, and must include the writer’s name, address, and phone number for verification. The editor may reject letters that have been printed elsewhere and may edit for space or clarity.

Obituaries: In writing the first take of history, The Enterprise wants to fully and accurately record the lives of people who have woven the fabric of our community. So we print obituaries, with a photograph, free of charge for people with connections to Guilderland, New Scotland, or the Hilltowns. Information compiled by the family of the deceased or by the funeral home may be mailed to the news office, brought in person, faxed at 518-595-8211, or e-mailed to the editor at [email protected]. Reporters are available to conduct interviews with the family and friends of the deceased to create a full portrait.

Photographs and announcements: The Enterprise runs notices of engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births, student graduations or honors, and military promotions free of charge. However, there is a $30 charge to run any of these notices with a picture two columns wide, and $15 for a picture one column wide. There is no charge for pictures running with anniversaries of 50 years, or 10-year increments thereafter.

Student news — of graduation or honors — is listed free of charge.

Any of these notices run as space permits.

These announcements and photographs may be sent by postal mail, delivered in person to the office, or e-mailed to the editor at [email protected].

Photos should be sent as a JPEG or TIFF file. Do not send a photo that has been embedded into a word program or other program. Resolution should be 150 dpi or greater. Photos should not exceed 400k in size. If they do, they must be compressed using a WinZip (PC) or Stuffit (Mac) program. If your file exceeds this size, please make arrangements with The Enterprise to drop off or mail a CD.

Publishing: An article posted on the Enterprise website is not a draft; rather, it is a published story just as a printed article is. Stories are published online as soon as they are complete; stories are printed only on Thursdays.

In both our print and online stories, we will run a correction if a mistake has been made. Otherwise, we will not change an online story. Corrections or clarifications for online stories are spelled out at the bottom of the story along with the date that the change was made.