One concert, two causes Show Guilderland Cares

— Photo from the Skeeter Creek website

Singing for a cause: David Ahl and Renée Lussier, lead singers in the local country music band, Skeeter Creek, will perform some of their hits at Tawasentha Park on Sept. 29, during the Show Guilderland Cares event, which will raise money for freshman sports at Guilderland High School, and for the Rodino family.

GUILDERLAND — On Sept. 29, a “Show Guilderland Cares” event, spearheaded by Emilio Genzano and the Friends of Guilderland Athletics, will be held at Tawasentha Park.

The concert, featuring local country music band Skeeter Creek, as well as members of the Guilderland High School community band, and other teen bands, will raise money for two causes — freshman sports and the Rodino family.

“We’re trying to let the kids know that it has been the community that has afforded them sports opportunities and it is time to give back to that community,” said Genzano.

He formed FOGA in 2010, after a budget gap led the school board to cut freshman sports. FOGA came up with $60,000 that year, and, the next year, Genzano convinced the board to have the budget pay for half of the costs of freshman sports, and have FOGA pay for the rest, a model that has been used since.

The “Show Guilderland Cares” event has been in the works since July, and Genzano said he is hoping to raise $10,000 total, to split evenly between sports and the Rodinos.

The Rodino family — Lori, and her husband, Rick, and their children, Anthony, Gianna, and Rachel — have dealt with the devastating affects of Huntington’s disease, a genetic, debilitating neurological illness. Rachel died in 2010, at age 8, and Lori had to quit her job to take care of Rick. Anthony and Gianna were both diagnosed with the disease within the past two years.

Anthony and Gianna both graduated from Guilderland High School, where Gianna played on the volleyball team.

Easing the financial struggles of the family would mean helping them stay in the comfort of their own home.

Advance tickets cost $20 for adults, $10 for children, or $45 for a family four-pack. Tickets on the day of the event cost $25 for adults, $12 for children, and $50 for a family four-pack. Tickets are available from Guilderland High School athletic teams, or by contacting Genzano, at 928-3342.