Berne Library Notes for Thursday, December 6, 2018

A swaggle of activities is in the works in Berne for the upcoming Library Week. Ongoing, since September, is the 36er Expedition, which has been extended to the end of December. This challenge has been a source of fun for families, duos, and singles — planning the journey, visiting the 36 libraries in the Upper Hudson Library System, and garnering stamps and prizes along the way. We have a few maps at the Berne Library if you’d like to grab one and give it a go.

Moon Walk

The Berne Public Library’s Moon Walk challenge is up and walking. Meet at the library each Saturday at 8:30 a.m. from now through January 5, 2019 and join library director Kathy Stempel for a half hour stroll or exercise to a video.

Log onto to add steps, time or miles to the 238,900 miles needed to reach the moon. Three library systems are adding their stats to the site for goal completion by April 30, 2019. Form a team, strap on your walking shoes and help get us to the moon.


Snowy storytime is coming to you on Dec. 11 at 10:30 a.m. with a possibility of fluffy snowflakes circling the room. Have you ever seen a dancing snowman, made a fort of piled snowballs or plopped backwards in the snow to swish a snow angel?  Kids 5 and under plus caregivers dust off your snowshoes and drop in for a story, craft and snowy movement.

Holiday centerpiece

A special holiday sign-up program is set for Dec. 12. Please register for this holiday centerpiece making class led by a master gardener from Cooperative Extension. The cost is $15 and is limited to 12 participants. Call the library at 518-872-1246 or swing by to add your name to the list. Centerpiece making commences at 7 p.m. sharp.

Trustees meet

Trustees meet Dec. 13 at 6:30 p.m. Adding four more hours to the library schedule is one of the topics. What hours sound good to you? Library Board of Trustee meetings are open to the public.

New exhibit

A new art exhibit is in the building until the end of December. Details to follow next week.


Steampunking. What is it? Victorian/Sci-Fi fashion and accessories? Think ‘Lemony Snicket’ and ‘Wild Wild West’ movies or “The Golden Compass” book written by Philip Pullman and made into a movie in 1995. Then there’s K.W. Jeter’s book “Morlock Night”. Jeter coined the phrase steampunk in 1987.

Whatever it is, how ever long it’s been part of culture news, Steampunking is appearing Dec. 14 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. as part of tween/teen night. Fashion your own altered tin creation using assorted keys, beads and magnets. Snacks and drinks are part of the plan.