Melissa Hale-Spencer

By Maggie Gordon

GUILDERLAND — The New York Independent System Operator is planning on relocating 300 of its 400 employees, now in Albany, to East Greenbush.

By Maggie Gordon

ALTAMONT — The Altamont Community Tradition presented three awards for Citizen of the Year Sunday, at the organization’s annual picnic.

By Maggie Gordon
GUILDERLAND — Alice Begley has been a Guilderland resident for 51 years and the town historian for almost 10. She took the job because it "just melted in" with her passion for history, and reading and writing about it.

GUILDERLAND — The school district has its first energy manager — Fred Tresselt.

GUILDERLAND — Frank Tedesco says he loves kids.


Much of the news that matters in our everyday lives is local. This is often forgotten as we read wire-service reports or listen to network newscasts on national issues.

By Bill Sherman

GUILDERLAND — Two candidates who, before the election for school board president, said they had different leadership styles are now a leadership team.

We are raising a fear-filled generation.


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