Melissa Hale-Spencer

The love that presides at a wedding sometimes has a rippling effect.

Jason Gerasinovich, the best man at his best friend’s wedding, and Lisa Borst, the bride’s matron of honor, looked through wedding pictures this week.

GUILDERLAND — Veronica Graves says she is glad she stood up for her beliefs.

GUILDERLAND — How will the community react to closed doors at the Guilderland schools"

The school board considered that question and others as a committee made over two dozen recommendations Tuesday on school security.

Whether or not tech valley becomes a reality in the Capital Region, this has been a year to take stock of ourselves and plan for our future.

ALTAMONT — Fun will be afoot in Altamont this Saturday.

By Maggie Gordon

GUILDERLAND — Ginger Miller moves to her own beat — always has.

By Maggie Gordon
GUILDERLAND — Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir sing what Tillery calls "survival music."

GUILDERLAND — Debra O’Brien is running for life — but not her own.

She gets up every morning at 5:30 to run three or four miles before she goes to work as a physical education teacher at Farnsworth Middle School.

GUILDERLAND — As the district is making health a new priority, the school board is scrutinizing the grocery list for school lunches.

The school lunch program at Guilderland pays for itself, taking in over $1 million annually.

Much of the history our children learn in school centers around war. This is perhaps merely a reflection of our society’s values, but it may also be a means of perpetuating those values.


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