Judith Wines

As the air cools off, the skies become grim, and the kids are bouncing merrily off to school (sometimes led by a tractor, some very thick ropes, and inch-deep claw marks in the pavement).

It’s fall migration time! Join Dan Capuano as we search out warblers, raptors and other autumn travelers. Meet at the Altamont Free Library on Friday, Sept.

Summer’s almost over (much to everybody’s sadness), and things are going to be changing around at the Altamont Free Library; starting on Sept. 7, we’ll be open from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Less than a week to turn in your summer reading bingo at the Altamont Free Library. Turn your cards in by Tuesday, Aug. 19 to get your last drawing tickets.

Our summer reading program and summer concerts series are over half-way over!  But hark! It’s not too late to join in.

Maker Mondays

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