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Solar beekeeping is a win-win-win-win: Project developers benefit from the solar energy produced by the photovoltaic panels, beekeepers gain resiliency from a diverse source of pollen for honey production, nearby farms profit from pollination services, and the landowner sees improved soil health.

As a civilized society, we have an obligation, through our government, through the taxes each one of us pays, to care for our most vulnerable.

We had hoped, with the passage of the Child Victims Act, that testimony in abuse cases — not just against the Catholic Church, but against schools, and Scouts, and many others — would educate our society at large, making us all more vigilant in protecting children, as well as finally giving survivors the recognition they deserve. There are no “reasonable settlements” as the bishop has promised. Silence is not golden. This moral as well as financial bankruptcy makes that clear. 

According to the latest census data, of the roughly 73,500 current Guilderland residents, only 14 percent are in their twenties and another 12 percent are in their thirties. And, while the median home price in Guilderland is about $275,000 — 20 percent higher than Albany County overall — less than 3 percent of owner-occupied housing units are valued at under $100,000. A town is richer if it is home to people in a wide variety of occupations and a wide range of ages. Our elected representatives should instruct the committee drafting a plan for our future that this is essential.