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If you have been hurt by the pandemic, you should apply for rent relief funds. You have no doubt been paying taxes for years. This is your money, from your government, to which you are entitled. It will help you to receive these funds and it will help your landlord too. If you have shelter and your basic needs are met, you can climb the hierarchy to a place that will benefit others.

We can’t argue with a father’s grief but we believe, if 20 years were not enough to establish an Afghan government and army that could stand on its own, staying on would have caused only more American deaths and more grief.

Truth provides the common ground on which different factions can come together to move forward.

The science surrounding a new virus is, of course, ever-evolving, which is why the expertise of a health department is needed as a trusted authority. Misinformation fills the vacuum.

The structures we have inherited shape the way we live — as the close cluster of homes in New Salem shaped my family — and also remind us who we are and what we come from as a people.