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More stores and more dwellings may be signs of progress, as our 1800's editorial had it, but what about the values that dwell within, the stores of goodness and knowledge? How do we plumb their depths as the year turns?

Like the princes of Serindip, an Airedale walker makes some unexpected discoveries one wintry day.

With school funds cut for field trips, the Hilltown community is enriching students' understanding of history and their own heritage by bringing antique objects in a suitcase to their classroom.

If an elderly Knox farmer can't sell enough Christmas trees to meet the $10,000 mark for a tax reduction, she could lose her farm. The law should be changed to let aging farmers keep working their land.

If everyone cries “Bully!” much like the boy in the fable who cried “Wolf!” then the true victims of bullying won’t get the attention and help they need.