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This past week was a heat wave, but life does not stand still.  On Monday, July 15, my granddaughter, Danielle Ricketts, needed to finish up some shopping for baby Zoey, who was now four weeks old. She had gift certificates to redeem. I went along to push Zoey while she browsed.

Even thought it is summer, the business of life goes on. A census questionnaire came in the mail, and phone calls came about surveys. 

As I was listening to the sirens last Sunday my mind started to wander. Was that the Altamont Rescue Squad or a police siren? Years ago when I was much younger our friend, Judy  Hukey, was a member of the Rescue Squad. During the day, if she got a call, I would get a call!

Pat and I were walking along one of the trails when I was startled by a bright flash and said, “Was that lightning?” Before Pat could answer there was aloud clap of thunder and a loud rumble. We both laughed and said in unison, “Yes! That was definitely lightning!”