Thompsons Lake, July 25, 2013

This past week was a heat wave, but life does not stand still.  On Monday, July 15, my granddaughter, Danielle Ricketts, needed to finish up some shopping for baby Zoey, who was now four weeks old. She had gift certificates to redeem. I went along to push Zoey while she browsed. One thing she bought came in handy many times after Monday. It was a sun dome. It was like a little tent, but she could put Zoey out on the deck inside it in a little relaxing seat, and she slept and even slept longer at night after being outside. There are so many new items to keep babies content now. One could fill a whole house with all there is to offer.

Then on Monday evening, Sheila Stempel and I attended the NEAT Dinner at the Reformed Church in Berne. It was barbecued chicken, which was delicious. We also got to visit with many friends and neighbors.

Even though it is summer, the business of life goes on. A census questionnaire came in the mail, and phone calls came about surveys. One was about radio stations, and the caller is quite convinced that one’s cooperation makes a big difference in programs offered. Another thing that comes due in summer is renewing my dog’s license. I usually like to go pay in person so I can have a quick visit with Pat Favreau. Then I have birthdays in the summer. That means shopping for gifts.

On Thursday, I was fortunate to have Danielle and Zoey come to spend the afternoon with me. I held her for hours, and we both felt contentment.

On Sunday, I went to visit my daughter, Kathy Carrevale, and her husband, Gary, to spend some time with Gary for his birthday, which is July 24. I gave him a gift certificate for Vince Anna’s in South Westerlo, which is one of their favorite restaurants.

Vacation Bible School

This year’s Vacation Bible School will begin on Monday, Aug. 12 and conclude with a program for the Vacation Bible School families on Friday, Aug. 16. Can you lend the Vacation Bible School effort any of these items? They need old rugs, hammers, power strips, saw horse, ladder back or wooden chairs, and an old basket about 6” in diameter. If you can offer any of these items, please contact John Williams at 872-2079.

Music in the park

Music in the Berne town park will continue on Wednesday, July 31, at 6:30 p.m. The second performance will be by The Bluestones.

Raising the Flag

On Sunday, July 28, at 2 p.m., the Berne Historical Society invites everyone to attend a ceremony at the Berne town park called Raising the Flag.

A stone monument with a plaque honoring all veterans of the town of Berne will be placed at the World War II Memorial.

Plans to install a lighted flagpole and add some additional landscaping by the memorial are underway.

Refreshments will be served following the dedication. Join us to honor all the town of Berne service men and women. The Berne town park is located on Route 443.