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That is what made the difference for the Guilderland football team between staying unbeaten or losing its first game of the season.

VOORHEESVILLE — It came down to one play.

One is all that separated the Voorheesville football team from keeping intact its perfect season.

BERNE — Berne-Knox-Westerlo cross-country Coach Bill Tindale sees a lot of potential for his teams this fall.

GUILDERLAND — On his home turf, Guilderland senior Roland Graves defended the title of top runner.

GUILDERLAND — The bad news for the Guilderland football team is that it played poorly for most of its game on Friday night.

GUILDERLAND — The youth will be running wild for the Guilderland girls’ cross-country team.

VOORHEESVILLE — The Voorheesville cross-country teams defended their home turf on Saturday.

VOORHEESVILLE — The second half of Saturday’s game was a test of will for the Voorheesville football players.

They passed with flying colors.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland football team showed its toughness on Saturday.

VOORHEESVILLE — If Voorheesville Coach Joe Sapienza was displeased with his team’s season-opening win last week, Friday’s win brought a smile to his face.

BERNE — There is still some work to do, but, based on Monday’s effort, it will be a better season than last year for the Berne-Knox-Westerlo boys’ soccer team.

GUILDERLAND — It was a large turnout and a big celebration.

About 148 people came out for the biggest Brenda Deer Memorial Walk and Run this Saturday at the Guilderland YMCA.

GUILDERLAND — The Albany Athletics of the Albany Twilight League had an outstanding baseball campaign this summer led by some Guilderland natives.

GUILDERLAND — Before the start of Friday night’s game, the Guilderland football players ripped through a banner that was held by the cheerleaders.

VOORHEESVILLE — Don’t get too excited, Voorheesville.

Saturday’s 42-14 win was against a second-year varsity program and Coach Joe Sapienza knows his team has a lot to work on but also has a lot of potential.