Looking forward to a great future

To the Editor:
As we move into the new year, we can look back at a year of accomplishment with lots happening.

We were able to bring into our country about two million emigrants. They came streaming in with their diseases? and COVID-19? to a good life with plenty of freebees. Thousands of them even get to vote in the next election in some states.

And everyone will now have the privilege to adorn a mask on their plane trip to wherever. We were told the evacuation from Afghanistan was a perfect success. We have been given the opportunity to contribute even more to our federal government to support those who just need to rest and relax at home instead of going to work.

We have inflation under control. Our young children now will be able to decide what gender they are without help from their parents. Municipalities can authorize pot facilities in their locale.

In the future, we may not have to be concerned with making decisions or thinking for ourselves in our everyday living. Everyone should be looking forward to a great future.

Charles Milbert


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