It has been an honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve

To the Editor:

Prospice Gelria (Look Forward Guilderland) is our town’s motto. Our community embraces and takes pride in these guiding words. We draw upon our experiences to help inspire us in challenges we confront and in difficulties we encounter. So often in life, we look to where we have been and where we are to help us in the future.

Thank you. It has been an honor, pleasure, and privilege to serve the residents of the town of Guilderland, in different capacities and for more than two decades. I am blessed to have earned the trust and confidence of our fellow residents to serve as both an assistant town attorney and as a town board member.

I have been fortunate to serve beside capable, competent, and hard-working town employees, department heads, elected officials, and other public servants. These individuals manage and operate our great town and, in all their unique ways and capabilities, they reflect the conscientious, resourceful, and diverse individuals for whom they serve.

Throughout the years, I have worked with two capable administrations that promoted and achieved sound fiscal management; transparency and accountability; expansion of our senior services and affordable housing; improvements to our parks and recreation system; and enhancements to our emergency medical services, infrastructure, and law enforcement services.

Despite our accomplishments, none of us were fully prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, which besieged us, and which has plagued our town and our world for nearly two years.

In confronting the pandemic, we have endured one of the most devastating and dramatic eras in our history. Even with vaccinations and social distancing, we still face the pandemic’s variants and continued disruptions. Uncertainties abound.

As Americans, we seek solace and strength in the hope that, however uncertain, our future remains bright and promising. As residents of Guilderland, we are steadfast in our perseverance, and we are inspired to “Look Forward” to a great and rewarding future!

Thank you, again, for your confidence and trust in allowing me to serve you and our town! I look forward to our future together!

Prospice Gelria!

Paul C. Pastore

Guilderland Town Board

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