‘Look for the good and you will find it!’

To the Editor:
My purpose in writing this letter is to urge all you Hilltowners (including those who have moved away from our “Garden of Eden”) to consider gifting friends and family with a subscription to The Altamont Enterprise so they can start 2023 off right!

Over the last few years, I have been surprised to hear from friends and foes alike that they discontinued their subscription because they did not agree with some of the letters to the paper or that they were misquoted.

Instead of canceling, why not consider contacting the paper with a correction request or writing a letter of your own to the paper?

My dear mother (RIP) always used to tell me, “Look for the good and you will find it!”

I, too, have not always agreed with everything I have read in the paper. However, on the good side, The Enterprise publishes obituaries for your loved ones for free! That alone is a valuable service.

When mistakes have been made, they publish a correction. If you have a complaint, call the editor and respectfully share your thoughts.

Perhaps, most importantly, The Enterprise regularly  provides in-depth coverage of local news and events, which sets it apart from all other news sources. It is important to support this valuable source of information.

Helen Marie Lounsbury


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