You inform, entertain, and educate us

To the Editor:

This is an opportune time of year to give thanks for the many wonderful blessings in our lives that make us happy. And we do give many thanks for all that is good about our lives.

We wanted to tell those of you at The Altamont Enterprise that your weekly efforts make us happy. You create a valuable community resource, informing us and entertaining us, while ultimately educating us. 

There isn’t another news source that does as thorough a job of reporting the pulse of this area of Albany County, the news we all should know. At a time when so many newspapers are disappearing or have been diminished, we citizens of Albany County are very fortunate to be able to refer to our Altamont Enterprise for all facets of local interest.

And to think that the newspaper began in 1884 but costs only $1.50 in 2021. What a bargain!

We’d like to express our appreciation to the publishers, Melissa Hale-Spencer, Gary Spencer, and Marcello Iaia, and to the previous owners of The Enterprise for keeping the newspaper alive and continually pumping life into it.

It is easy to understand how difficult it must be to keep the paper current, interesting, and informative while also providing reading that is entertaining. We enjoy the thoughtfulness of the editorial page and the resonating illustrations that accompany the writing.

Everyone at the newspaper is always under the pressure of deadlines. There are so many responsibilities to the creating of a newspaper. Administrating the business from beginning to end each week must be a daunting task.

We want to also convey our gratitude to the staff writers, the columnists, the photographer, the illustrator, the business office, the printers, the delivery people, the opinion writers, the advertisers, and the readers! All of them are important to a newspaper’s survival.

May The Altamont Enterprise continue to endure the test of time and carry on sharing the news of our local communities for many years to come. The Altamont Enterprise is essential!

Susan Albright

Timothy Albright


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