We approached our campaign with the goal of ‘servant leadership’

To the Editor:

First, we would like to thank our many supporters and all of the residents in New Scotland who turned out to vote in this election. Your participation is important because town elections matter.

Second, we would like to thank our town supervisor for providing a thorough outline of the town budget process [“GOP candidates couldn’t be bothered to participate in budget process they criticized,” Letter to the Editor, The Altamont Enterprise, Nov. 18, 2021].

Should an outline similar to the one described in his letter to the editor be prominently posted on the town website at the start of the next budget process, we would consider that a success.

Regarding the actual budget, our position is that there should be a budget summary accompanying the budget document submitted and ultimately voted on. The budget summary should be available at the budget hearing because it encourages town government to be more transparent.

Examples of the type of narrative that often accompanies budget documents and financial plan updates at various levels of government can be found at:

— New York State Division of the Budget: https://www.budget.ny.gov/

The recent Mid-Year Update provides a decent summary of New York State finances on pages seven through 18 (clearly at the town level it would not be that comprehensive, probably no more than three pages including table);

— Albany County:



https://www.albanycounty.com/home/showpublisheddocument/14370/637569283735470000; and

— New York State Comptroller:


We are more than happy to weather any criticism relative to our participation (or lack thereof) at town board meetings during the 2021 campaign. We approached our campaign with the goal of “servant leadership” based on our desire to serve and give back to our community.

We feel that, to be a good public servant, one has to objectively listen to all sides of an issue and always act in the best interest of the public, whether it is popular or not. Therefore, our position was, and still remains, that our efforts as candidates are better spent meeting with and listening to residents, business owners, and farmers share their concerns about the town, attending and participating in community events, and seeking to expand our understanding of what issues matter the most in our town.

And, then to apply our extensive and collective background and experience in leadership, government, finance, operations, grants writing, and implementing successful programs and services.

Our campaign was about introducing a greater degree of balance and transparency to town government, energizing elected officials at the town level to be more of a help to local businesses than a hindrance, and dealing with various quality-of-life issues as they arise.

We are extremely grateful to our supporters for giving us the opportunity to participate in this electoral process and for believing in us. We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

Peter Drao

Charissa Mayer

New Scotland

Editor’s note: Peter Drao and Charissa Mayer ran for the New Scotland Town Board Nov. 2, both on the Conservative and Republican lines.

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