Altamont Enterprise Nov. 28, 1919 



Offenders against the state and federal prohibition laws are in for bad days from now on, as the strong arms of local, county, state and national laws reach out to grasp those who have not yet learned that the Eighteenth Amendment is an accomplished fact. 

Acting on complaints that have been made to the county authorities that the excise law was being violated in Middleburgh, District Attorney C. B. Mayham, Sheriff G. E. Oliver and state representatives Saturday night raided two saloons there and gathered evidence which may be used for prosecution under federal and state laws. 

Besides the district attorney and sheriff the raiding party including state troopers and representatives of the Excise department. 

The raid was a complete surprise, plans of it being kept quiet. About 11 o’clock several autos drove into town with the authorities who went about their business quietly without arousing suspicion. Men were stationed at all entrances of the saloon operated on Main street by Hermann Hermann and the Farmer’s hotel near the depot operated by Ambrose Chichester. Both places were doing a good business, the authorities said, when they walked in on the surprised proprietors and customers. Several attempts were made to get out but no one was allowed to go out until the examination was finished. Samples of beverages which were being sold were taken by the authorities which were sealed and will be sent to the state chemist for examination to determine their alcoholic content. 

The name of every person in both places were taken by the men and notes were made as to their condition. 


Mrs. Franklin A. Wiltsie sustained a cracked rib and quite a few bruises when her horse became frightened and threw her from the wagon last week. A lady friend from New York and herself were the only occupants of the wagon. The other lady escaped with only a few bruises. The horse freed itself from the wagon and ran home. 

A Triple Birthday Party. 

Three birthdays were celebrated at Strevell’s, Warner’s Lake, Nov. 15. Judge Hinman of Albany accompanied by Mrs. Willim Becker of Berne, rendered several mandolin selections. Dancing occupied the greater part of the evening, of course not omitting refreshments. The event was in honor of Isaac Hungerford, Miss Florence Hungerford and Miss Helen Strevell. 


A correction: Ed Gainsley did not sell both saw mill and cider plant. He is still doing business at the saw mill, having sold the cider plant only. 

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