Anita held all to a high standard in the name of doing what was right

To the Editor:

The town of Westerlo has lost a true treasure with the passing of Anita Marrone. Anita was a frequent contributor to the Altamont Enterprise’s Letters to the Editor and a consistent participant in Westerlo Town Board meetings.

Anita had a deep love for Westerlo and all of the Hilltowns. She was the voice of reason and a challenger of the status quo. She was inquisitive and asked the difficult and demanding questions.

She held all to a high standard in the name of doing what was right for all residents of Westerlo. Her approach was always respectful and reasoned. Anita was ready with praise when it was deserved and encouraging all through difficult times and difficult decisions

 She prompted all to think for themselves and consider every aspect and possible outcome of a decision. Her memory of previous decisions and discussion at town board meetings was profound and impressive.  She often recounted previous positions as they related to current situations. This was most often a benefit for all.

On a personal level, Anita was my mentor when I started getting involved. She guided me through some processes and gave me insight that was much needed with my limited history of the town.

She encouraged me, challenged me, praised me, and made me pause and re-think some positions. I will miss her emails and her phone calls before and after town board meetings. I will miss our “pre-meeting” chats. I will miss my friend and mentor.

2020 has been an extremely difficult year for many. Nothing has gone as expected and there are surprises and unknowns at every turn. Many are learning not to take anything for granted.

I am sad that I never had the opportunity to tell Anita how much she meant to me. Since we all don’t know what tomorrow will bring, especially this year, I encourage all of you to do what Anita did, be ready with praise and encouragement. Pick up the phone, send an email. Let your family, friends and mentors know what they mean to you.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Be the person who can be remembered as one who was grateful for all the blessings in their life. Say “thank you,” “good job,” “keep up the good work,” “I’m proud of you”, “you are a meaningful part of my life.”  Perhaps if more people did the things Anita did the world would be a much more pleasant place. Lord knows we could use it now.

Lisa DeGroff 


Editor’s note: Lisa DeGroff chairs Westerlo’s Republican Committee.

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