Intervention needed at Guilderland High

To the Editor:
Another news report of a high school walkout [“Second student walkout at GHS, on sexism, was more disruptive than first, on racism,” The Altamont Enterprise, Nov. 11, 2022], first over racism and now sexism? When will the New York State Education Department step in?

How can any of us think that the teenagers were not fundamentally changed during COVID lockdown, which by all accounts gave them a break from having to deal with the day in and out of racism, sexism, cliques, microaggressions that they are describing going on in the Guilderland School District?

You don’t think that when they returned they wouldn’t be feeling enough is enough? You think they wanted to return to school to experience the horrible culture they are describing?

No, they are telling all of us and asking all of us to listen and see them — that they don’t want to return to the way things were.

The only insightful takeaway was the photo of the Guilderland school resource officer and the quote that “he is spread thin.” The school district is in need of NYSED intervention. Who makes the call to NYSED?

Christine Duffy


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