Mr. Drao’s state of shock

To the Editor:
Mr. Peter Drao in his letter about New Scotland’s Zoom budget hearing in The Enterprise of Nov. 11, compares it to “kind of like a celebration of freedom in North Korea” [“Vapor budget hearing put us in a state of shock,” Letter to the Editor].

Were any of Mr.  Drao’s claimed “100 budget meetings” in North Korea during Mr. Trump’s  two sycophantic visits with Mr. Kim Jong Un?

If Mr. Drao wishes to now infuse New Scotland politics with the toxic, derisive, divisive rhetoric of his Republican Party leader, he may forever change the tranquility and joy we have all felt living in this wonderful community. It will be very easy to do.

Does Mr. Drao have any anxiety representing a party that calls the cleanest election in American history a “stolen election?” Let us see him show some courage and independence in his Republican views and condemn the Jan. 6 invasion of the nation’s Capitol  and all that Trump is doing to divide us as a nation.

Then I will listen to what Mr. Drao has to say with earnest attention, and perhaps encourage Doug LaGrange to be more open and inclusive in future town meetings. 

Peter Kelly

New Scotland

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