This is not the time for enabling

To the Editor:

At this point in time, I am not sure what the citizens of this great country want. I grew up to respect the law and to help those in need in their times of trouble. I was not given a free pass to a better life during the Depression and the World War II years.

This is not the time for enabling, but to encourage those who want a better life to work for it. It is not the time to rewrite the history of our country.

Members of this family have ancestors living here since the 1650s. We lost members fighting for our freedom and for freedom of the slaves.

I have served our country in the military and for over 65 years have voluntarily and involuntarily supported those in need. I don’t feel that I need to be taking care of thousands of folks who are being invited into this country by those who think someone else should foot the bill. It is time to stop enabling them.

It is sad that so many here have robbed, destroyed our cities, and burnt down small Black businesses in the name of “Black Lives Matter.” It is depressing to think a business owner must board up the windows and doors to prevent further looting and destruction.

Is this what we all want for the future of our country? I cannot believe the hate coming from some of my government representatives. It is past time to look into the schools and universities and what they are teaching today

 Folks have got to take a time off from working and evening school sports and look around and see what has been happening to our society. Believe me, I went through those years.

Charles Milbert


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