Wow, so much for a community newspaper

Wow,  so  much  for  a  community  newspaper

To the Editor:

All  is  well  at  The  Enterprise  I  see,  as  long  as  you  are  a liberal.  Seems  as  though  the  only  opinions  that  matter  in  your  publication are  yours.

To  the  point:  No,  none  of  the earlier letter writers came  out  and  literally  name-called  me in  their  responses  but  the  inference and  implication  was  definitely  there.

You  discredited  me  my  opinion  and  attempted  to  make  me  look  foolish by  stating  that  the reported  assaults  were  from  a  hate  site and  some  have never  been proved,  tried, and  convicted.  

Really?  So  much  for  liberals  being  champions  of  feminism  and  women’s  rights. Many  victims  don’t even  report  the  crime  of  sexual  assault  for  fear  of  similar  responses  and  of  being  discredited as  is  demonstrated  by  the  all  those  coming forward  in  a  recent  barrage  of sexual  harassment  assault  and  rape  allegations.  Are they  fabricated  too?

Wow,  so  much  for  a  community  newspaper. I  wonder  why  there  were  no  published  reader  responses  that  agree  with  my  view?  Are  there  no  more  who  are  against  this  in  the  county?  Are  they  too  afraid  to  voice  their  opinions  for  fear  of  being  mocked  and  ridiculed  and  no  support  or  representation  from  those  with  a  conservative  view?  Are  they  too  afraid  to  speak  out  against this?

For  the  right  of  themselves  and  their  female  family  members  of  safety  and  security  in  a  public  bathroom?  Or  do  their  opinions  go  unpublished?  I  hardly  believe  every  woman  is  OK  with  a  man  dressed  as  a  woman  urinating with  male  genitalia  or  some form  thereof  in  transition   in  a  stall  next  to her, or   with  a  male  dressed  as  a  female  with  malicious  and  deviant  intent.

I  really  hope  that,  if  there  are  women  out  there  who  agree  with  my  view,  they  will  come  out  and  say so and  that  the  editor  will  publish  them.  I  cannot  be  the  only  one,  and  you  cannot  expect  us  to  believe  that  I  am.

Transgenderism  is  like  3 percent  of  the  population  and  for  this  we  must  give  up  our  right  to  privacy  and  safety  and  security?  The  same  mentality  took  prayer  out  of  public schools  and  saw  to  it  that  millions  of  babies  are  murdered  by  abortion  each  year  in  this  country.  Is  our  country  any  better  off  because  of  these  practices  or  lack  thereof?   No!

Yes, all  is  well  at  The  Enterprise  as  long  as  you  are  a  liberal.  To  me?  That’s  not  reporting.  That’s  defamation.  Coupled  with  politicization. Yes,  politicization.  I  was  not  going  to  bring  politics  into  this  debate  but  since  you  did.

Jacquelyn Hallock

Lecanto, Florida

Editor’s note: Our Nov. 2 editorial said that the Liberty Counsel was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Jacqueline Hallock had a list of 79 incidents from that site, which she wrote were of  “sexual assaults by ‘transgenders’ and ‘transexuals’ on females in bathrooms.”

We pointed out that only a handful of the 79 incidents occurred after the May 2016 federal directives. “The vast majority of the listed incidents have nothing to do with gender-neutral bathrooms or with the use of bathrooms corresponding to a person’s gender identity; most of them deal with men who have snuck into women’s bathrooms as ‘peeping toms’ or for assault,” we wrote. “Mind you, we’re not making light of crimes of sexual assault. On the contrary, we are just as upset about such crimes as Hallock is. But, if we want to work toward preventing these crimes, we must recognize the truth.”

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