Disappointed in Guilderland campaigns

To the Editor:

I have two concerns about the recent election campaign season in Guilderland.

One, there was no opportunity to meet and directly question the candidates. Roadside signs tell you nothing about the ideas and plans of the candidates. Neither do questions and answers in newspapers although they were of some help. Still, there is no opportunity for follow-up or to ask about issues other than the ones chosen by someone else.

Secondly, I was insulted by the campaign letter mailed out by the Democratic candidates. The first sentence impugned the candidates opposing them by stating they were part of the “Trump” party. I strongly feel that that kind of rhetoric does not belong in local campaigns.

Why not focus on your plans and visions instead of using divisive language? Shame on you, Mr. Barber et al.

I’m not sure the Guilderland campaigns reflect what we need to move ahead in what are surely difficult times for our town, our state, and our country.

Sherry Haluska


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Guilderland Campaigns

Well stated. A meet and greet opportunity should be afforded with every election. And yes, the Democratic mailing propaganda was disgraceful.

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