A well-rounded team works for Knox

To the Editor:
I would like to ask my friends and supporters of the town of Knox to choose rows B or C when voting.  As a councilman and deputy supervisor of the town of Knox, it is my honor and privilege to serve the town and to serve with our current board members, town clerk, and highway superintendent.

This is a very diverse group of people from a political, personal, and job experience perspective making for a well-rounded team representing our town. All board members volunteer in the community in some form or another and have done so for many years.

Some great qualities about this current board is our commitment to the town and residents, our ability to agree to disagree and compromise on matters at hand, and our commitment to remain professional while working side by side to tackle the issues before us.

Currently, we have many projects underway that will benefit the town and its residents — we would like to continue to move forward with these projects as a team.

Please consider rows B or C to keep the town of Knox moving forward in a positive direction, and remember to vote “no” for proposals 1, 3, and 4 on the back of your ballot. 

Dennis Cyr


Editor’s note: See related story on the five proposed amendments to the state constitution, which are on this year’s ballot.

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Well Rounded my a**!

Dennis Cyr does not know the meaning of the word well-rounded. Let me share with you the "diversity" on our Board.
- Councilman Cyr still continues to fly the US flag upside down (in violation of US Flag Code) every day. Rumor has it he has been quite ill of late (which he confirmed at last week's Board meeting) and yet he attended the meeting with no mask on as usual.
- During a public hearing for the MRD last fall, residents who were upset that they were forced to sit in the basement of the Town hall with unmasked Board members, including a self-declared under the weather Councilman Pritchard, had the honor of hearing Councilwoman Springer recount that she had done a great deal of research on COVID, was very well informed and that the best cure for COVID was sunshine and vitamin C.
- Councilman Pritchard frequently states that he doesn't understand what is being discussed or what he is voting on. He also stated during his election interview that he votes for things he doesn't agree with. And finally,
- Councilman Saddlemire, while claiming to be a strong advocate of agriculture had no problem agreeing to destroy the rural character for many taxpaying residents.
These Board members show a lack of understanding of the duties of the offices that they were elected to and continue to run for. I truly appreciate the volunteering efforts of everyone in this Town, including the Board, however, I do understand the difference between being a good volunteer and a competent Board member. The duties of the office they hold has specific state outlined responsibilities that I have repeatedly informed them of and which they have repeatedly failed to perform. I would argue that this group is all of a similar ilk and the exact opposite of well-rounded.

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