Something certainly seemed amiss

To the Editor:
Thank you to The Enterprise for delving into the matter of the sudden replacement of Albany County Planning Board members: [Acting] Chairman Dominic Rigosu and Enzo Sofia. [“‘No reason’ given for plan to replace two county planning board members,” The Altamont Enterprise, Oct. 15, 2021].

Something certainly seemed amiss when these two well-qualified and respected members of the board, both committed in their service, tendered resignations, justifying the need for replacements.

The town of Guilderland owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Representative Mark Grimm, who sounded an alarm to Chairman Rigosu and board member Sofia, but also to his constituents, about the proposed resolution for replacement and the departure from precedent in how it was being pursued.

The replacement of Chairman Rigosu would leave the town of Guilderland, home to arguably the largest development project in recent times in Pyramid’s Rapp Road Development project, devoid of representation on the Albany County Planning Board. A point enunciated by Representative Paul Burgdorf, not of Guilderland, noting the seeming discrepancy with the rationale for seeking equal town representation.  

It is hard to fathom what could suddenly have made the sponsors of the resolution, Chairman Andrew Joyce and Representative Matthew Peter determine that it was no longer their pleasure to have Chairman Rigosu and board member Sofia serve. A sentiment echoed by Representative Dennis Feeney, brother of Guilderland Planning Board Chairman Stephen Feeney.

Thanks to the scrutiny and action of Representative Mark Grimm and the support of enough of his colleagues, there will be an opportunity for that to be elucidated when the matter goes before the legislature’s Personnel Committee on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be viewable online via their YouTube channel, which can be accessed on the Albany County Legislature website:

If you are a fan of transparency in government, tune in.

Iris Broyde


Editor’s note: See related editorial.

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