Trust needs to be earned

To the Editor:
In his letter to The Enterprise, Mr. Lyons lays on many complimentary adjectives regarding Dennis Palow summing it up with the word “trust”[“Dennis Palow lives and breathes the Army values,” Letter to the Enterprise Editor, from Berne Supervisor Sean S. Lyons, Oct. 1, 2021].

I ask you, Mr. Lyons, why should we trust Mr. Palow when he has been caught in outright lies during board meetings? Mr. Lyons states Mr. Palow has served our country, which I know is a notable and honorable achievement.

This does not, however, mean that Palow is suited to running a town or even being in politics. Mr. Lyons, if being in the service is considered an asset to work for the town, why was Anita Clayton allowed to unceremoniously kick Jean Guarino (formerly U.S. Army) to the curb?

I say to you, Mr. Lyons, that trust needs to be earned, my vote needs to be earned. The candidates running on the GOP ticket who are currently employed by the town of Berne have been a dismal disappointment and have shamelessly let the people in our town down a dark road. 

I urge voters to choose row “A,” the Democratic line and get our town back on track.

JoAnne Brady

East Berne

Editor’s note: JoAnne Brady is married to Frank Brady, who also has a letter in this edition.

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