Are local candidates immune from national drama?

To the Editor:
It has often been said, “All politics is local.” There are candidates running for local offices claiming distance between their races from the current chaos on the national political scene. They acknowledge that many in their own party dispute the legitimacy of a duly elected presidency.

They conveniently avoid any reference to successful efforts to strongarm local party officials in many states to replace otherwise diligent public officials and officers with those more amenable to undermining previous electoral results, controlling future certification of election results, and seemingly eugenically limiting electoral participation.

It’s not like any local political figures ever participated in attempts to shut down electoral vote-counting in other states — at least not still actively involved in local governance.

It’s not like the national debate is threatening to disrupt our local school boards — no matter how much school board members are openly intimidated and threatened for their positions on vaxxing, masking, current or potential history curriculum (creationism, slavery, Holocaust).

It’s not like radicals could force placement of election board members who have the power to refuse to certify legitimate election results could happen here.

It’s not like anything we have ever seen in America before. Are you sure local candidates are immune from the national drama? Are you sure that all politics is not local? Think your community has been a little too calm? It just might be a blessing.

Brian Nopper


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