New voice needed to combat anti-business attitudes

To the Editor:

The New Scotland Town Board once again proved its total lack of concern for small businesses in this town. Track 32 Italian Pub, located in Feura Bush, has once again been held back by the town board who continue to heap unnecessary rules and outdated codes on it ...

After following the actions of the town of New Scotland government, I am not surprised by these anti-business attitudes. What does surprise me is that the local newspapers and town of New Scotland citizens have allowed this to continue.

I, for one, feel it is time to correct the situation by sending a clear signal and finally replace obstructionist from our town government. Craig Shufelt is currently running for the town board and with a new voice on the board, we can be assured that town government will at least have a voice that is not in lock step with all the other board members.

Everyone can see the negative effect of having a board entirely endorsed by one political party.  A single party in charge of the board is not in the best interest of the municipality as can be seen in what Track 32 has had to deal with.

To all, please at least support the owners of Track 32 by enjoying a lunch or dinner at such a nice family restaurant before the town board runs them out of business as it seems to be the plan.

Glenn Schultz


Editor’s note: Glenn Schultz is a member of Voorheesville’s zoning board. He is also a committeeman for the New Scotland Republicans. In the last two months, The Enterprise has published four stories and an editorial on the Track 32 sign proposal, available online at

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