Hinchey has posted plans for District 46, Amedure has not

To the Editor:

Now more than ever, we need leaders who look toward the future and have plans to build and invest in the resources our communities need. I’ve looked in depth at Michelle Hinchey’s plans, which you can clearly find posted on her website, and am convinced that she is the leader we need to help navigate these difficult times.

Now I’ll admit, I am a registered Democrat. Even so, I also fully reviewed Richard Amedure’s website and news articles in which he was interviewed to learn about his positions.

We must all take our responsibility to vote seriously and do our job by researching the candidates. Our democracy demands that we do this, and not simply vote based on a single issue, something you read on social media, or a candidate’s party affiliation alone.

As COVID continues to rage, we have two critical labors at hand: First, we must enact policies that help people get back on their feet after the devastating year we’ve had. Michelle Hinchey focuses on the right things: providing new economic and educational tools to attract investment to our area in manufacturing, service, and technology jobs.

Likewise, Michelle understands that options for healthcare, particularly in rural areas, are vanishing. She has plans to make both training for health professionals and long-term care more accessible for all of us.

The second critical labor at hand is building the economy back in a better, smarter way. The world we knew earlier this year is not the one we live in now. Just as World War II and the Great Depression radically changed the world economy, the COVID crisis is doing the same thing.

Michelle understands this and knows that we must help people back on their feet while also looking toward the future. She has plans to attract the type of renewable energy jobs that can help rebuild our middle class.

Likewise, COVID has exposed how desperately our district needs equal access to high-quality broadband and internet services. Upgrading our infrastructure as Michelle will work to do creates a long-term investment that will pay for future generations, while also creating jobs to build that infrastructure.

Now as I mentioned, I also spent time looking at Richard Amedure’s website and various articles in which he was interviewed. While Michelle’s webpage clearly lays out her plans and policy positions, Mr. Amedure’s website had no such plans available.

As of the morning of Oct. 12, the only items on Mr. Amedure’s website were a short bio, campaign video, a link to donate, and a list of five endorsements (Ms. Hinchey’s website lists over 40 endorsements). Thinking that surely Mr. Amedure must have plans posted somewhere, I looked at his social-media pages (though we must always be wary of information on social media) and articles from newspapers all around the 46th Senate District.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any specific plans anywhere. At a time of social distancing, I would hope that anyone running for public office would make it as easy as possible for voters to find out in depth what they stand for.

I thank Mr. Amedure for his many years of service as a state trooper — anyone who serves the public and risks herself or himself deserves our appreciation — but at such a difficult time, we need someone with clear plans to get us all back on our feet and better than before.

Michelle Hinchey is that candidate. Please visit her website and consider her positions for yourself.

And regardless of who you intend to vote for, please, please vote. At a time when so many have lost so much, we still have the promise of a vote to have our say in the future.

If we are serious about the future of our country, we must all commit to the idea that, no matter what our neighbors believe in or look like, they have the same right to vote as we do, and we must all protect that sacred guarantee. So please, go exercise the right for yourself, and do what you can to commit to protecting that right for others.

Keegan E. Prue



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