Greenberg and Leinung have a command of town issues

To the Editor:

It is important for voters to make informed choices when they exercise their right to vote. Some considerations are whether town board candidates have a history of dedication to the town, a command of the issues, and the leadership ability to get things done.

In New Scotland, only Adam Greenberg and Daniel Leinung meet these standards. The way that Adam has unselfishly embraced his civic duty is impressive. For 14 years, he dedicated himself to the fair and responsible resolution of matters that came before him first as a member, and then as chairman, of the zoning board of appeals.

While serving on the town board for the past two years, Adam successfully concluded the town’s acquisition of the historic Hilton barn and park, spearheaded the appointment of a committee to update the town’s comprehensive plan, helped draft a new zoning law for the creation of a real New Scotland hamlet and sponsored the town’s solar and notice laws.

He has never missed a town board meeting or a meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee.  His dedication to the needs of our town shows that he cares about us and will continue to work hard to accomplish the town’s goals.

Likewise, as a member of the town’s planning board, candidate Dan Leinung has shared his knowledge of the law and worked hard to assure that the board’s decisions are in the best interests of our town. He also volunteered to help draft new hamlet regulations.

Their opponent, Craig Shufelt, however, exemplifies none of these qualities. When he last ran for town board, he told The Enterprise that “sitting on the sidelines doesn’t get it done” (see, The Altamont Enterprise July 22, 2015), but that is exactly what he has done.

He has never attended a Comprehensive Plan Update Committee meeting nor offered any comments to the planning board on any development proposal during my tenure on the board, despite claiming that he favors “creative residential development” and “something like a Stuyvesant Plaza” (see, The Altamont Enterprise, Oct. 5, 2017). Nor has he applied for any vacancy on the planning board or zoning board of appeals.

One has to ask: If he is so interested in our town, where has he been the last several years?  Mr. Shufelt needs to understand that merely having grown up in New Scotland does not qualify him as a candidate.

And his prejudice against residents who did not, as revealed by his statement to The Enterprise (Oct. 5, 2017) that “You have people, who didn’t grow up here, moving in and they are changing the town, whether we want them to our not,” is small-minded and the kind of attitude that would stifle the town’s progress.

We must welcome all newcomers who may join Adam and Daniel in contributing their strengths, knowledge and experience to the betterment of our town. When it comes to dedication and leadership, Adam Greenberg and Dan Leinung can be counted upon to help our town meet the challenges of today’s local government. I hope you will vote for Adam and Dan on Election Day.

Christine M. Galvin


Town of New Scotland Planning Board


Comprehensive Plan Update Committee

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