Vote for the man you feel is legitimate, not for the party

To the Editor:

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m about to repeat some of the things I have said in the past. Political yes, but not directed at any one individual, be they Republican or Democrat, but at the system which has swung so far left they have to turn right to get to the left.

The far left of both parties is gradually undermining our original Constitutional form of government. Repeating myself in past letters: My uncle, a staunch leftist Democrat in another state, took me aside when I was a teenager, 75 years ago and explained exactly what is happening today. I paid no attention at the time; I was too young and knew almost nothing about voting.

When you vote, vote for the man you feel is legitimate not the party. The Socialist Left-Wing individuals of both parties are gradually destroying our Constitution as originally written. You get what you vote for.

George Pratt


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