Guilderland should proactively plan a more sustainable model of development

To the Editor:

I applaud the efforts of The Altamont Enterprise to present both sides of “the story.” By reading and thinking, one can make an educated choice. The issue I am addressing here focuses on the further development by the Pyramid Corp./Crossgates. I have been reading and listening and may recognize the “benefits” of yet another big-box store, in this case Costco; more apartments; and office space.

It may provide jobs, add taxes to the town coffers, and offer more choices to consumers. I am not certain about the “need” for more choices in consuming, but nonetheless it may. How many choices do we need with Trader Joes, Walmarts, BJs, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, Price Chopper, Hannaford, Honest Weight Food Coop. Have I forgotten any?

Are we lacking stores, apartments, and now offices, when so many are shopping and working remotely? What does our future hold for these large structures when we do not know the risk of another outbreak of COVID, and social distancing is the new “norm?”

The extensive negative effects of having this additional shopping/apartments/office space, strongly outweighs any benefits. Another development/big box store built on ecologically sensitive land; Mother Earth will not put up with this forever.

We are paving over ground enabling the use of and need for more fossil fuel usage and its sale, at a time when we should be looking for ways to use less. We are encouraging more driving, traffic congestion, and roads to be built and maintained. We are shown repeatedly that automobiles/fossil fuels are causing worldwide weather extremes and storms, but yet we choose to feed that fire.

Another thought to reflect on is many of the stores in Crossgates have not been able to cover all their “rent.”

They are being sued by Pyramid to get back their losses. They are leaving the mall with potential open space, which could be occupied by stores/apartments/office space. Why are we allowing more structures to be built outside of the mall, when the mall is emptying out? 

Empty stores, empty space, hmmm? Does not sound like good tax revenue.

This starts one to think of how the planning board in Guilderland may be looking at this, or not. I would think that the town would be looking ahead to proactively plan a more sustainable model of town development.

Guilderland should stand out with a positive reflection on our future.

When consumers think of “pride” to have a Costco, I wonder whether I should be proud of a store who does not give a hoot about its environmental impact on my community, the air our families breathe, traffic issues, and potential increase in crime.

Costco is not concerned with the long-term effects, only with the money it may make.

When will we realize our “need” for more consumer choice is vastly outweighed by its impact on our world?

More development at Crossgates Mall — makes no cents.

Susan Mosher


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