Why not erect a historical marker to make sure the sale of Nan is not forgotten?

To the Editor:

Your editorial of Sept. 10, “Slavery happened right here. Justice can happen right here,” made me aware that, though the slave trade may have been long ago, it wasn’t far away.

We erect historical markers to recall events we’re proud of, but the history we’re not so proud of is often obscure. A shared collective memory, particularly as it relates to racial injustice, being the goal, why not erect a historical marker to make sure the sale of Nan, and others like her is never forgotten?

According to the New York State Museum site, “New York State does not currently manage a historical marker program. Instead, local authorities are responsible for the approval, installation, and maintenance of historical markers.”

Perhaps local historian Mary Ellen Johnson would know how to proceed.

Rich Mendoza


Editor’s note: Rich Mendoza, formerly a graphic designer for The Enterprise, contributes headlines for the newspaper’s weekly editorials.


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