All deaths of unarmed persons by police should be independently investigated

To the Editor:

Thank you, Mr. Ed Cowley, for sharing your Paris story and being an upstanding citizen when visiting another country [“Friends are friends and will always be remembered, letter to the editor, The Altamont Enterprise, Sept. 17, 2020].

It is something my late husband would do and has done. In broad daylight, he saw an attempt to sexually assault a woman in Albany. He gladly stepped out of his car and used his previous training in security and the military to not only stop the assault but to hold the perp for the police who arrived within minutes, thanking him for his efforts.

I, too, found the lack of a thorough investigation of the murder of your friend by six police officers as the result of using of their tasers to be appalling. It was swiftly swept under the rug and the story disappeared from the news cycle.

No matter the racial or ethnic background, all deaths of unarmed persons at the hands of the police should be independently and thoroughly investigated. That’s equal justice under the law.

If the officer is not at fault, so be it. But, if it is a wrongful death, then the officer needs to face the consequences. The current climate of “kill all cops,” defund the departments, and disrespect all police officers, often brings me back to the incident with your friend and how wrong it was.  

Anne L. Haun Rymski


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