Move past fossil-fuel-powered energy

To the Editor:
The news of a dramatic rise in National Grid’s rates this winter is startling [“National Grid anticipates higher utility bills for local customers this winter,” The Altamont Enterprise, Sept. 12, 2022]. The prices of goods and services are high already.

The advice offered by National Grid is helpful. The company suggests getting Energy Star appliances, smart thermostats, and adding more insulation in one’s home. These improvements make good sense when energy costs are high, but they all cost money. This article further advises how to get assistance with paying for energy costs if one qualifies.

But the best advice is to move past the fossil-fuel-powered energy offered by this company. Seeking renewable energy such as community solar or installing solar panels is an excellent move. The panels on my roof keep the lights on, heat the water, and charge my electric car. If one’s furnace is old and inefficient, looking into a geothermal heat pump is highly recommended.

Additionally, the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act will provide incentives for installing these modern, clean-energy options. For many of us, paying for energy will be tough this winter, but better news is on the horizon.

Sally Courtright


Editor’s note: Sally Courtright is a member of The Climate Reality Project: Capital Region, NY Chapter. The not-for-profit organization was formed in 2011 when two environmental groups formed by Al Gore — the Alliance for Climate Protection and The Climate Project — merged.

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