GOP has no consideration for the rules

To the Editor:
I have just filed a complaint with the Town of Guilderland Building Department regarding the illegal placing of Republican candidate roadside election signs one month prior to the 21-day threshold allowance for such signs.

The 21-day threshold is Oct. 19, 2022 when such signs can be installed. The Republican candidates and local Republican functionaries have no consideration for the rules and regulations of the town of  Guilderland. (Please refer to page 64 of the Guilderland Building Code, Section 280-26 (3) temporary signs (b) (ii).)

I am calling on candidates [Liz] Joy, [Lee] Zeldin, and [Tom] Marcelle to remove their signs immediately and re-install them on Oct. 21, 2022 when it is legal. This is the same Republican operation that chartered a bus on Jan. 6, 2021 when an attempt was made to overthrow our government as well as to nullify the election of a duly elected president.

This is the same operation that filed fake nominating petitions for candidate Zeldin. They have good practice in ignoring rules and regulations.

John B. Haluska


Editor’s note: John B. Haluska in July unsuccessfully sought the Guilderland Democrats’ backing to be on the November ballot to fill a vacant seat on the Guilderland Town Board.

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