No rhyme or reason to mail delivery

To the Editor:
Since complaining to various United States Postal Service folks, and not getting anywhere, it is time to put my issues in print. This has been going on for years: I’m talking about rotten mail service in East Berne.

There is no rhyme or reason when it comes to mail delivery and/or pick-up. Is there a general pick-up time? No, it can be anywhere from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. — if it is picked up at all. As for mail with visible coupons, that is 15 -percent-off brochures, they go MIA.

I signed up for Informed Delivery — a wonderful service from USPS that shows a photo of what mail you should be receiving on that date for your address, a great idea if only it would happen.

Here is the problem: Many times, the mail in Albany that is supposed to be transported to East Berne never leaves Albany.

Now, if that is not bad enough, there have been more and more times recently that I have put out mail (early) in the mail box with the flag up, to be picked up, and at the end of the day it still sits in the box, because the carrier did not pick up my mail.

Complaining to the post office does no good as it goes in one ear and out the other. You might as well save your breath to cool your soup.

Am I alone with this frustration? No, as many of my neighbors are going through the same situation.

I have had mail addressed to me go to my neighbors and vice versa. Evidently, it is not a requirement for some carriers (seems like a different carrier every week) to be able to read and know what numbers are. 

While USPS gets increases in fees, the service gets worse and worse. For anyone who gets great mail service at their address, I am happy for you. As for me, you just read my story. 

Dennis White

East Berne

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