School seeks return of painted pig, missing for a decade

— Photo from Trisha Zigrosser

Al T. Mont, decorated by Altamont Elementary students, went missing a little over 10 years ago. The school would like him back.

To the Editor:

Greetings from the art room at Altamont Elementary School!

As I was sorting through boxes today, I came across this picture of Al T. Mont, the spectacular pig that was painted by the students at Altamont Elementary School a little over 10 years ago.

When the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce invited community members to paint these pigs, many businesses in the area sponsored the pigs, paying for necessary supplies. I applied to the “Pigtacular” event, and Knights Farm offered to sponsor the pig project. (Lisa Knight was working at Altamont School at that time.)

After the “Pignic” in the Orsini Park, showcasing all of the painted pigs of Guilderland, the pigs went to their sponsored businesses to be displayed there for a week or two. They were then returned to Altamont for the Auction Event.

Our school was planning on bidding on our pig, Al, so that we could place our new mascot in the foyer of Altamont Elementary School.

Al T. Mont disappeared during his brief visit to Knights Farm before the auction took place.

Each and every student, from kindergarten to fifth grade, had lent a hand in painting colors, shapes, and patterns on Al T. Mont.

The students, past and present, were so sad to hear about his disappearance so many years ago. Altamont School would very much like to have him back where he belongs. Anyone having any information about Al T. Mont can contact me at

(No questions asked.)

Trisha Zigrosser

Altamont Elementary School


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