I am left completely flat

To the Editor:

So, I have all-told 22 years of formal education. I have read countless technical articles (sometimes several times before I fully understood them).

But on reading and rereading Jesse S. Sommer’s extensive opinion in the Aug. 26th Enterprise: “So swears the New Scot: The LaGrange Doctrine,” I am irritated and confused.

After reading who knows how many thousand words of clever, ironic, imaginary scenarios, and either complimentary or critical comments on New Scotland’s conservation efforts (I can’t tell which because of the dripping irony), I am left completely flat.

I don’t know whether Mr. Sommer is for or against more development for New Scotland. Mr. Sommer has obviously taken too many creative writing courses and is more interested in looking erudite with his self-stimulating clever writing, than he is in communicating any logical thoughts for anyone to understand.

Did Doug LaGrange really stand in front of the flagpole? Did Mr. Sommer actually talk to Doug by phone even though he elected not to call him to get a “pull-quote?”

If Jesse Sommer has any interest in promoting a particular political agenda, or in hurting Doug LaGrange’s re-election (or is he supporting him?), he had better learn to write something that is understandable. I suspect he may be a Republican in sheep’s clothing but even the Republicans are probably as confused as I am.

Peter Kelly


Editor’s note: Supervisor Douglas LaGrange was not actually contacted for the column and Jesse S. Sommer is a committed conservationist.

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