The world’s most luxurious dog pound

To the Editor:

I love dogs. I have two. Beautiful loyal creatures that demand my care and protection.

I’m always prepared to make sacrifices for them when required.

When the town of Berne (with the help of grants and readily available town funds,) purchased Switzkill Farm, it appeared to be a brilliant move to market the town and to acquaint the region to the lush beauty of the Helderbergs. Hiking trails, wedding receptions, small conferences, dark skies certification, and boundless opportunities for Youth Council adventures.

An advisory board was established and a master plan for the development of this unique parcel was created.

However, in January, the new majority on the Berne Town Board showed us they were prepared to make tough choices and sacrifices. They informed the Switzkill Farm Advisory Board to stop meeting and to abandon its master plan for this unique parcel.

They then fired an 11-year veteran animal-control officer who was widely loved in the community and hired a new untested officer. The town board then announced that Switzkill Farm would be the location of the town’s new dog pound.

The board recently signed an agreement with Knox to allow the use of that town’s dog pound while Switzkill Farm was being prepared for its new role. It’s been six months now and Berne’s dog pound is apparently still in development.

The Town of Berne can now brag that it owns and runs the world’s most luxurious dog pound. Kinda makes ya proud — don’t it?

Lawrence Zimmerman

East Berne

Editor’s note: Lawrence Zimmerman is a member of the Berne Planning Board.

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