Pyramid is not a good corporate citizen

To the Editor:

With yet another shooting scare at Crossgates, it seems that the mall isn’t a very good neighbor and Pyramid is not a good corporate citizen.

Crossgates is becoming a public and “attractive” nuisance that is putting the public in danger too often. Perhaps it’s time to shut it down as a mall.

Maybe it could be turned into apartments! There would probably be room for a Costco, too!

That would spare Pyramid from having to deface and destroy Rapp Road and the Rapp Road neighborhood, to create another nuisance and add another burden to Guilderland services, especially the police department.

The continuing troubles at Crossgates are becoming a quality-of-life issue for the community. It’s time that something be done about its negative impact on the community and on those who live nearby.

Granting Pyramid more go-aheads to expand its presence isn’t the answer.

Nancy Relyea


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